Election Tracker

Vote by clicking on a name, On December 6, 2016



Zach Jacobs:

Jake Miguel:

Write in: Name:_________________



Abrar Zaki :

Zoe Descenet:

Ryan Kakoos:

Write in : Name__________


Fred Hick  :

Phefer Bryan   :

Meigel Herer

Write in: Name ___________

Zoom Board:

Philip Manners:

Zelebtill Dewey:

Write in: Name__________________


1. Should Luis Valverde still be considered as a member of the “Zoom Club U.S.” Organization?                                                                                                                                               Yes:              No:

2. Should the “Zoom Club U.S.” organization allow a “Zoom Club UK?”

Yes:              No:

3. Should games be allowed on the “Zoom Club U.S.” website?

Yes:              No:

4. Should “Zoom Club U.S.” become partners with “Zoom Club Italy?”

For more information, please visit: Zoom Club Italy Official Site

Yes:             No:

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