A Zoom Game:                    By Marci Goodman of Randolph, Massachusetts  

Start to tell a story that you have made up. At any point in the story, call on another person to go on with the story, making up the parts as he/ she goes along. Each person calls on a different person until everybody has had a turn. End it when everybody starts laughing.  30 Zoom Points Received if you send in a video of the game being played. 


A Zoom do:                             By Suzanne Mandell of  Chicago, Illinois                                                      

  1. Draw a pattern of a frog, or another animal on a brown paper bag.
  2. Cut out the pattern and pin it to a double piece of soft material.
  3. Cut the pattern from the material and remove the pins.
  4. Sew by hand or machine small stitches.
  5. Leave a small opening, and turn the animal inside out.
  6. Pull out the legs and arms with a pin or pencil.
  7. Fill the frog with birdseed or uncooked dry beans.
  8. Sew the small opening closed with hidden stitches.
  9. Buy plastic eyes and glue them on, or use buttons to sew on.
  10. Make some of these for your brothers and sisters, then have a ball!

100 Zoom Points Received with a submission of a picture of you, and your animal.

A Zoom Experiment:         By Kevin Starli of Schenectady, New York

  1.  First buy a model rocket
  2. Assemble the rocket by reading the directions.
  3. Next launch your rocket and observe how high it went!
  4. After this write a story of you in the rocket & it is falling!

320 Zoom Points recived with a video submission of you launching your rocket and a Google doc of your story. (Your Story Must be 7 or more paragraphs long. NOTE: Bonus Points can be added to this event if good work is done.)


A Zoom Do:             By Jean Ten Broeck of Great Barrington, Massachusetts

  1. Paint uncooked pieces of elbow macaroni
  2. Let them dry
  3. Next put them in a string, and tie the string around your Neck!
  4. You just made a macaroni necklace!

10 Zoom Points Awarded if you send in a picture of you with the necklace around your neck. (+25 Bonus points if you paint cooked elbow Macaroni!)


A Zoom Activity:       By Ryan Kakoos of Albany, New York

Write 7 paragraphs (each one 4-5 sentences) about a new movie that you watched. Expires 6/2

740 zoom poins elligible, more if good!