Tight Race in Albany

 The close race for the Albany, NY Zoom Club Master was heating up on the night of Tuesday December 6, 2016. This race was projected to be a tight one, but was closer than expected. Zoe Descenet has won the election, but a recount will take place. There was an approximate 5 vote difference in between ABZ & Zoe, and a mere 16 between Kakoos & Zoe. Our current Zoom Club master is ABZ (Abrar Zaki).

 There have been six Albany Zoom Club Masters, since 1991. Only one master has been in for two terms, and this is Ryan Kakoos (2007-2011 & 2011-2015). After the 2015 year, the zoom club term for Master was shortened to a year, due to the popularity. Kakoos tried to run in 2015 to gain his 3rd term as Master, but failed to win to ABZ.

 Kakoos, whom is trying to reclaim his master title again has pressed a recount in votes to Zoom Club. ABZ agrees. No one has conceded. A mandatory recount will be enforced anyway, but Zoe Descenet answered back. Descenet wants a recount in the county of “Western New York.” She thinks that too little votes were counted in this area. Zoe also wants a re-vote in the “Capital Region,” “Metro New York Area,” & “Long Island.” The requirement for these to happen is 500 signatures.

Click Here For Voting Turn Out!

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