Election Live Polls

Orlando President:

Image result for united states map

Zach Jacobs: 13.3%

Jake Miguel: 86%

North East States:  100% Reporting    West States:100% Reporting

Middle States: 100% Reporting       Southern States:    100% Reporting

Boston Master:

Fred Hick  :  43.5%

Phefer Bryan : 9%

Meigel Herer: 47.6%

Image result for massachusetts map

Plymouth, Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Norfolk & Nantucket: 100% Reporting

Sulfolk, Middlesex, & Essex: 100% Reporting

Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire: 100% Reporting

Berkshire, & Franklin: 100% Reporting

Albany Master:


Abrar Zaki :  30.5%

Zoe Descenet: 30.8%

Ryan Kakoos: 30.04%

Image result for New york State  map with regions

Capital Disctrict, Catskills, & Lower Hudson Valley: 100% Reporting

Addirondacks, & Central New York: 100% Reporting

Metro New York, Long Island, & Western Massachusetts: 100 % Reporting

Western New York, Finger Lakes, & Northern Pennsylvania: 100% Reporting


1. Should Luis Valverde still be considered as a member of the “Zoom Club U.S.” Organization?                                                                                                                                               Yes:   98%            No:  2%

2. Should the “Zoom Club U.S.” organization allow a “Zoom Club UK?”

Yes:  99.9%              No: 0.1%

3. Should games be allowed on the “Zoom Club U.S.” website?

Yes:    47%               No: 53%

4. Should “Zoom Club U.S.” become partners with “Zoom Club Italy?”

For more information, please visit: Zoom Club Italy Official Site

Yes:  52%             No: 48%